delta reclaimer system

DELTA PURIFICATION – ESG Driven, Identity Preserved Waste (IPW™) Solutions

Delta Purification® is a solvent and glycol purification division focused on the field of purifying and reclaiming, recycling and reusing solvents and glycols providing energy processors and heavy industry the option of not disposing of these waste materials in underground disposal wells.

The Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance (ESG) expectations are motivating energy processors and heavy industry to adopt (IPW™) protocols.

Delta Purification® offers the following commercial products:

  • Reclaiming amine-based solvents used in natural gas processing and CO2 capturing processes.
  • Reclaiming glycols, such as mono-ethylene glycol and tri-ethylene glycol, used for natural gas dehydration, cooling and anti-freeze processes.

re3™ (reclaim, recycle, reuse) Technology

Reclaiming, Recycling & Reusing the industrial liquids (solvents and glycols) that are utilized in CO2 capture, oil refining, petrochemical production, natural gas clean -up and processing, as well as hydrogen production.

Removes all impurities – Proprietary process which removes every classification of impurities irrespective of feed concentrations or physical properties .

Cost Savings - Customers can save as much as 25 % to 30 % over the cost of buying new fluids and paying disposal costs on spent fluids .

Centralized Solvent & Glycol Reclaiming – waste management Hubs strategically located in high energy processing, industrial locations (Alberta, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma and GCC Countries) .

Opportunity for Partnerships - with fluids management or liquid waste disposal companies such as Trimac, GFL, Terivita which have existing facilities and customer base that is currently using deep well disposal .

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