With over 17-years of experience in the clean energy sector providing ESG driven, Identity Preserved Waste (“IPW™”) Solutions, Delta CleanTech is considered a technology industry leader in CO2 Capture; Solvent, Ethanol & Glycol Reclamation and Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure.


CO2 Capture & Utilization

  • Delta is a team of skilled professionals with a goal of providing the latest and most cost-effective CO2 capture technologies.
  • Delta developed over 12 years ago, a proprietary CO2 capture system, the LCDesign®, that has been designed to significantly reduce the cost of CO2 capture.
  • Delta’s technologies have been engineered to reduce capital and operating costs while at the same time delivering superior performance by reducing energy usage, lowering emissions, and improving the quality of CO2 product captured.
  • Delta is well known globally for our expertise and have participated in the majority of the largest CO2 capture projects in the world.
  • The LCDesign® also reduces the cost of CO2 Capture, through our proprietary modeling and simulation process called the PDOEngine®.
  • The LCDesign® is modular and is designed to reduce waste disposal and minimize the amount of water and utilities utilized.
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Delta Purification – Solvent and Glycol Purification Systems 

Delta Purification® is a solvent and glycol purification division focused on the field of purifying and reclaiming, recycling and reusing solvents and glycols providing energy processors and heavy industry the option of not disposing of these waste materials in underground disposal wells.
Delta Purification® offers the following commercial products:

  • Reclaiming amine-based solvents used in natural gas processing and CO2 capturing processes.
  • Reclaiming glycols, such as mono-ethylene glycol and tri-ethylene glycol, used for natural gas dehydration, cooling and anti-freeze processes.
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HTC Hydrogen Thermochem

Hydrogen Fueling - Technology for the Development of Hydrogen Fueling Stations

  • Natural Gas/Methane reforming to hydrogen with CO2 Capture
  • Provides an integrated CO2 Capture solution for steam and dry methane reforming,
    hydrogen fuel production units
  • Most cost-effective hydrogen supply to decentralized fueling stations
  • The lowest CO2
    footprint per unit of hydrogen produced
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Carbon Rx

Carbon Rx Inc. (“Carbon Rx”) is a Regina based company engaged in the development, verification and marketing of CO2 offset credits certified by The Carbon Rx Regina Protocols. Carbon Rx owns two business units leading the way in the development of aggregation and sale of carbon credits from; municipal landfills and from agricultural no till and minimum tillage farming practices; having successfully traded over $30,000,000 of carbon credit units.
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