Carbon RX


Carbon Rx Inc. (“Carbon Rx”) is a Regina based company engaged in the development, verification and marketing of CO2 offset credits certified by The Carbon Rx Regina Protocols.

Market focus has primarily been enhanced oil field recovery (EOR) projects and subsequent storage of the CO2 in the oil reservoirs. The Carbon Rx Regina Protocols will provide credible carbon credit validation which will add significant economic value to the back end of the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) value chain.

The rules and regulations today are multi jurisdictional and have been evolving over the past 10 years and are somewhat complex and require an in-depth knowledge of how the credits are established and how they are traded. CO2 management experience is a pre-requisite to credible carbon credit validation.

Carbon Rx owns two business units leading the way in the development of aggregation and sale of carbon credits from; municipal landfills and from agricultural no till and minimum tillage farming practices.

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  • C-Green was the largest agricultural carbon credit aggregator and seller on the Chicago Climate Exchange.

  • C-Green was founded in 2006 and has sold over $30,000,000 of carbon credits.

  • C-Green contracts acres of prairie farmland that are actively engaged in the practices of no and minimum till farming and packages and sells carbon credits.

  • C-Green will create additional credits from new agricultural protocols (forestry and nitrogen reduction).

  • Carbon Capital Management has developed carbon credit protocols to be utilized in municipal landfills across North America, that are remediating climate change emissions.
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